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Etheric Release

Awaken the Power Within
A holistic wellness experience that combines breath and energy work with hypnosis and journeying to facilitate an expanded state of consciousness for healing and personal growth.

What is Etheric Release?

You have a body, but you are not your body. You have a mind, but you are not your mind. You have a life, but you are not your life. You are so much more than all this.


We all have an etheric body – an energetic field that connects our physical selves to higher dimensions. Different spiritual traditions have different names for this field. It’s been called the subtle body, the dreaming body, the astral body, the spirit, or soul.


Because we live in a world that reveres logic and scorns the mystical, many of us have become cut off from our etheric bodies. This disconnect can lead to physical and mental dis-ease, and a lack of clarity, peace and joy. We may feel dis-spirited. Etheric Release is a series of practices that will help you engage with your etheric body so you can live a fuller and more vibrant life.


The experience, which is available online or in-person, includes circular breathwork, creative visualization, hypnosis, journeying, music, and energy work. In each 1.5 hour session, you'll enter an expanded state of consciousness to awaken this powerful aspect of self, and reclaim your personal power.

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Benefits of Awakening Your Etheric Body

You are naturally wise and highly intuitive, and you know what’s best for you. But like a radio receiving innumerable signals, overwhelming feelings, rigid thought and behavior patterns, and unhelpful social cues make it difficult to tune in to what really matters. The work of releasing your etheric body clears the airwaves so you receive clearer and stronger signals – or messages – to guide you onto the path that’s meant for you.


Psychotherapy has many benefits, but sometimes powerful emotions like rage, fear, or grief cannot be talked away. Body-centered approaches like Etheric Release can help break the energetic patterns associated with these intense emotions, and help you surrender what’s no longer serving your highest good. 
Whether you want to heal from physical or emotional trauma, live and love more deeply and fully, or explore your spirituality or psychic abilities, reconnecting with your etheric body will set the wheels of change in motion. With regular practice, you'll learn how to move in and out of expanded states of consciousness at will to gain more personal insights, and find more meaning and purpose in life.


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Michele Koh Morollo

has always been interested in non-ordinary states of consciousness and healing. She is a hypnotherapist with a Master of Science in psychology. She is trained in psychedelic harm reduction, preparation and integration, and is a certified reiki practitioner and breathwork coach. Before transitioning to holistic healthcare, Michele was a journalist for media outlets like Al Jazeera, CNN, Harper's Bazaar and The Wall Street Journal. She is also a biographer and a published fiction writer. The story of her own psychospiritual crisis as a teenager was published by London publisher Chipmunka in 2007. Born in Singapore, Michele has lived in Perth, Sulawesi, London, Boston and Hong Kong, and is now in Portland, Oregon.


Karen C, Portland, OR

My experience working with Michele was invaluable. She led me on an inner journey which was meaningful and transformative. I was able to release what I needed to let go of and bring in new energy for high frequency living. She combines her background as a hypnotherapist with her training in alternative healing modalities, and this along with the beauty of who she is as a person allows for magic to unfold.
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